Loikits Oil & Heating Co. serving the greater Lehigh Valley since 1939.

About Loikits Oil & Heating Company
Since 1939, Loikits Oil & Heating Co, a full service, family owned company, has been serving area families, businesses and individuals with only quality products and services...something that many of our competitors cannot honestly boast. We are proud of the fact that the majority of our new customers come from referrals. Some of our customers are the children and the grandchildren of our original customers, which is proof that Loikits Oil & Heating Co. has passed the test of time.

If you choose Loikits Oil & Heating Co. We’re sure that you will find our products, services and business relationship satisfying. Here at Loikits Oil we know our customers by name...not by some number. We welcome new customers and we appreciate the customers we have.

Full Service vs. Discount

Using a full service oil company like Loikits Oil & Heating Co. gives you peace of mind. We have well trained service technicians, we are customer service oriented, with credit, payment, Budget and Price Protection programs. Some companies that sell oil at discount prices CAN’T offer this kind of protection and savings.

About Loikits Oil & Heating Co.

And when supplies were tight, many of the “discount companies” couldn’t even get heating oil to deliver to their customers. But because of our bulk storage facility, Loikits Oil & Heating Co. could, and did. No matter how cold the weather, or how tight the supply, we can always get fuel to our customers. And, when you have a problem in the middle of the night, only a full service company, like Loikits Oil can help.  Also, our Custom Formulated Premium Heating Oil sure makes a difference.

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